About Us

Al’s Laboratory was born in the South Canterbury township of Geraldine, New Zealand. After experimenting with fermented hot sauces in 2015, Al’s Hot Pepper Sauce Original was created. From there, Al went down a sauce-based rabbit hole, developing and testing all of the sauces that now make up the Al’s Laboratory range. The spice blends have all been developed and tested over the last 5 years on the food at the Running Duck Cafe previously owned by Al and his wife Anna.

In 2023, Al decided it was time to hang up his lab coat (aka The Smock of Destiny) and hand it over to someone who could take the brand to the next level, and that’s where Taste Lab comes in.

Taste Lab is made up of sisters Jess and Anna Ramsey and their partners Jamie Bowen and Braiden Clark. We’re a family operation made up of people who are incredibly passionate about good food. We jumped at the chance to be able to work with these awesome products, we love what Al has created, and we’re excited to supercharge the range nationally and beyond.

The food produced at Taste Lab is hand crafted, small-batch food. It’s made with care and attention to detail and quality.

Eat the food you love and add some love to the food you eat.

Taste Lab